Hello and welcome to my blog about parenting a child with a sensory processing disorder or SPD.  As a parent we all want the very best for our children.  When they arrive into the world they do not come with a manual or instructions.  We are simply navigating the world with them and hoping in the end we don’t mess things up too much.

Our journey with SPD began 8 years ago when our 6-year-old daughter Nora was diagnosed.  The diagnoses was a relief as we knew Nora struggled with the world around her but we didn’t know how we could help her.  With the support of an occupational therapist we were able to learn how to support Nora and teach her how to live in a world that often overwhelmed her.

Today Nora is thriving and about to graduate from the 8th grade.  She has amazing coping strategies and excels at self-regulation.  Nora knows there are things in this world that will over stimulate her but she knows how to handle them and what she needs to do after to regain balance in her world.  She is “sensory smart” as we like to say.  Nora also understands that she needs to advocate for herself and she is great at bringing awareness to others about SPD.

We, along with Nora, have worked hard to get to this point.  There has been many hours spent reading books, teaching, learning, along with some tears.  There as also been much laughter and love along the way and although I wish the world was not so “noisy” for Nora it is wonderful to watch her thrive.  So my hope is that if you happen upon our little corner of the world that we can help you.  A teacher friend once told me I should start a blog and share some of our sensory adventures and it was Nora herself who encouraged me to do it.

So with help from Nora here we go……